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I'm a developer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of my work experience has been with Radical Designs, a small cooperative which creates websites and other software solutions for non-profit businesses and political groups whom profess values which resonate with ours. I have developed new products from the ground up and from popular web frameworks. I run the gamut from setting up new VPSs, selecting the language and software to work with, doing all the coding and testing, setting up the design, launching, and providing support for the software time and time again.

I am looking for a new opportunity to expand my abilities. I needn't find the exact same sort of work, but I have a need to make things - to see the fruits of my labor set out into the world to help people get informed and connect with one another.

The short version: code monkey looking for code to wrench.


Why I'm in debt

Someday I'll pay off that debt and feel old. That's when I'll need a postgrad degree.

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

2009-2012 // Computer Science and Mathematics

I completed upper division work for my undergraduate degree at SFSU. Classes included cooperative software development, analysis of operating systems and programming languages, discrete math, linear algebra, and Victorian-era history.

City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

2006-2009 // Computer Science

I completed my lower-division undergraduate work at CCSF. Clawing my way all the way up through Calculus 3 from beginning algebra, I also tutored in math and English.

Green Valley High School, Henderson, Nevada


I had a pretty normal high school experience. I placed second in Nevada in extemporaneous speaking (Speech & Debate) and took Spanish and computer science classes.

Technical Skill

My skills include but are not limited to

PHP, Coffeescript, Python, Ruby, Java, C++, Lisp, and more!
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
MVC Frameworks (Rails, Sinatra, CakePHP, Django, Backbone)
Linux/Mac, Windows
Photoshop, MS Office
SQL (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL)
English, Japanese

Web Developement

I've constructed, upgraded, and maintained dozens of websites based on Rails, Django, CakePHP, and WordPress as well as having created custom systems for clients, often on shoestring budgets.

Data Analysis

Organizing and making accessible data is a vital component of my experience. I've created internal tools for the tracking of caretaker certifications used by two California organizations (Bay Area Academy and Central Valley Training Academy) as well as public data tools such as Compare50.

Japanese Translation

While I enjoy translating comic books the most, I also translate pop songs and supply translations for fansubbers. What Youtube hasn't removed for copyright infringement remains here.


It may not appear to fit in here, but if you want something digitally altered or repaired I can help you! I've been using Photoshop since 1999 for photo editing, cleaning and refining comic book pages for translation, and also as an aid to properly implement website designs.


I've got some of that.
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Pantheon Systems, Inc

8th June 2015 To Present

Software Engineer

Radical Designs

11th July 2011 5th June 2015

Senior Developer


30th May 2010 To 26th October 2010

Support Analyst Intern

City College of San Francisco

1st September 2008 To 22nd May 2009

Tutor, Math and English

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